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Here’s the thing: USPS

I love letters and stamps and mail. LOVE.

In my old life in the city, going to the post office was a major chore and everyone (staff, patrons, inanimate boxes) was rude/irritated/angry.  I dreaded having to post a package or pick something up. And Jah forbid you ever had to put your mail on a vacation hold and then go pick it up.  Dante himself was overseeing a Florentine zombie work crew slaving under a banner “Under Construction: Tenth Level Coming Soon!”

My current post office scene is like the photographic negative of the Oakland/Berkeley situation. Everyone knows who I am and is always in a good mood. They tell me about new stamps I might like that have just arrived. They ask about my family and friends back in California. They get the letters from my mom’s post office box so I can take them to her and save her a trip down the street. The loan anyone pens and tape and tell jokes. One guy there knows that my New York Times subscription (which has to come via mail) arrives in the afternoon, after the rest of my mail has already been delivered, so without my asking he drops it in my mailbox on his way home so I can read it same day. It’s the happiest place on earth, complete with a 30s mural depicting workers and farmers. I love it.

So here’s the thing: the new stamps are pretty rad. I am not a stamp collector. I just send a lot of cards and notes (I refuse to let the posted thank you note die out). These are the three sets I picked up today:

I am totally loving these right now.  The Go Green stamps have such a great 1970s feel to them, send an important message and the illustrations kind of crack me up. I am particularly fond of the way the hand is applying the insulation to the window sill. It’s sort of dainty and dramatic but basically goofy.

More 70s style goodness.  These are terribly sweet and I am a sucker for anything garden related or just plain happy.

Super mega boss.  These Industrial Design stamps are just slick as hell.

Send more letters, send more cards. And don’t waste your 44 cents on a boring flag stamp. Keep it interesting.

Oh, and here’s a little ditty to get your on track for the week. I heard this on the radio this morning and it was like 3rd grade all over again. It means so much to me, like a birthday or a pretty view. (That will never stop cracking me up).



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