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Here’s the thing: Staying upbeat

Sweet Holy Moses, it feels like everything is falling apart these days, doesn’t it? Of course, there’s the whole debt ceiling thing. All that has done is proven to voters, citizens and the rest of the world that politics is always about power and rarely about working together or the public interest. From the moment that human/turtle hybrid Mitch McConnell said all the Republicans were concerned about was making sure Obama was just a one term President, my irritation took hold. And President Obama has bummed me out, too, by not showing strong leadership when we really needed it. If Congress is going to act like rival factions on a preschool playground (immature, selfish, lacking logic), then the President needs to bring the hammer down and not attempt to reason with them. That’s some Montessori shit that just won’t work right now.  And while the deal may or may not have been met, it doesn’t matter. The public is pissed, our economic standing is no better, there’s still a chance we’ll be downgraded, the impact of our idiocy will be felt worldwide. And throughout this whole mess, no one in Congress has had the stones to suggest taxing the shit out of the richest Americans and corporations. GE didn’t have to pay taxes last year. Oil companies are still showing record profits. Spread the wealth, says this Socialist. (I was raised by a Communist grandmother, by the way). Yes, there is waste to cut in the budget, but the richest 1% need to give back to the rest of us, those who worked to make them rich in the first place. They earned their money on our backs, let’s get what’s ours.

Anyhoo, that’s not the only thing that feels insane. There’s one depressing or horrible news story after the next. We’re all broke (me, especially). Famine is sweeping the nations in Northeast Africa. The Jasmine Revolution is spreading more blood than freedom. Norway is still in mourning. Rupert Murdoch will Mr. Burns his way out of being strung up for greed and basic evildoing. And I just finished grading what may be the worst collection of final essays I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. I. Give. Up.

Here’s the thing: we can’t give up. We have to stay upbeat. Right? Right?!?! So to the handful of you reading these ramblings, what do you do to stay upbeat? How can we counteract the 2011 blues? Tell me something awesome. Tell me something lovely. Help restore my faith in humanity. Tell me how you stay positive when everything around us is, well, total garbage.

Right now, I am depending on these two fellas to get me through each day:



xo. And I mean that.

One comment on “Here’s the thing: Staying upbeat

  1. threecharms says:

    Dude. I was going to at turns (a) wallow in misery with you, (b) pile additional criticism onto Obama’s oh-so-Democatness, and (c) desperately brainstorm good and happy things, but honestly, watching the kid on the left do his “oh-oh” and the kid on the right shake his booty, I just forgot all the other stuff. Score!


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