Here’s the thing: wow

In the last 72 hours, I have witnessed the following:

– two weddings

– surprise mid-ceremony wedding karaoke

– a wedding performed by the local undertaker

– the gnarliest thunder and lightning storm I’ve ever seen

– a tree that had been struck by lightning the night before, causing all the bark to shoot off and the ground around the tree to be littered with the fried remains of the extended squirrel family that once lived in said tree

– my not very small dog believing that the only safe place during the storm was inside my skull

– a student who began a question to me with, “Real talk…”

– a motorcycle gang rolling through town, complete with cuts and ape-hanger handle bars, that appeared to be teletransported from 1978

– very little sleep


Here’s the thing: I dropped out and moved to the middle of nowhere in order to have calm and quiet. Not going to happen.

I am exhausted.

Author: elizabeth dutton

i traffic in words

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