What am I obsessed with this week? The return of one of my favorite shows.

Here’s the thing:


I would ramble on about how rad this is going to be, or even write about something far more interesting. But the real truth is that I have more pressing matters calling from another window on this computer screen (mine, not yours).


Here’s the thing PART II: I have become a devotee of that evil incarnate known as PowerPoint. I am trying to convert all my class lectures over to PP so that I can just run through the slides and elaborate for my students as I go. No more scrawling on the board or overhead. No more ending class and then suddenly realizing I forgot to mention something. It’s all in there. But that means I have to go now and finish up the presentation on agreement (both subject/verb and pronoun/antecedent). What has happened to my life? Maybe I should run off with a biker gang. I bet they don’t allow PowerPoint presentations. Wait. Oh, god, what if they do? What if outlaw biker gangs routinely give PowerPoint presentations in their clubhouses, illustrating the fruits of their illicit labors (happy Labor Day, by the way, America works best when you say UNION YES and whathaveyou) with graphs and cheesy clip art? Perhaps there’s simply no escape for me. Ah, well. Back to the drudgery.