I had a couple of nerdy freakouts today. First, I yelled at the television screen, urging Inspector Lewis not to drink the possibly drugged tea the crazy woman offered him on PBS Masterpiece Mystery. Seriously, no one messes with Lewis and Hathaway. Moments later I was filled with total elation (displayed via a gasp and some toe wiggling) after discovering that Umberto Eco has a new book out in November. I pre-ordered, natch.


Here’s the thing: we all have our own nerdy freakouts and I think we need to celebrate these moments. Some of my greatest hits include the first tomato setting in the garden each summer, finding shed snake skins in the woods, when the little tiny water acorns start to fall from the trees (right about now and I have the growing collection to prove it), getting tongue-tied and goofy over an Anne Lamott sighting (and strong-arming her into signing my copy of “Bird By Bird” –yes, I had it in my bag– despite her saying she never signs books), scoring really great information while doing research and getting giggly about it, and my yearly Halloween decoration and party plotting that redefines “overboard” without fail.


So all two of you who read this, what are your nerdy freakouts?