I love Old Crow Medicine Show and I love Mumford and Sons. Best of both.

Had a lovely day at our small town’s fall festival. Hung out with the coolest, most zen and creative 4th grade girls ever (ah, hope for the future restored); saw two parades, one traditional with firetrucks et al and one all pets; heard great music, including the above gem, by a local band; laughed about getting glitter all over the street in front of the library; had some bites of really great funnel cake; marveled at the blue sky and puffy clouds; fell in love with this town all over again; was just generally happy to exist. What a Saturday.

Oh, and here’s another version with both bands (and Gillian Welch)! The video is a bad camera-in-the-crowd mess, so just listen and forget all the garbage in the world and be happy to exist.