Tomorrow, I’ll be appearing at my local library for a reading/book-signing/book-selling. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ll be supplying s’mores cupcakes for the masses, so there’s that. I’ve gotten over my fear of speaking in front of people by teaching English Composition for the last couple of years to masses of students who seem to not hate me at the end of the semester. And they usually like my jokes. As for tomorrow, I figure I’ll wash and brush my hair, put on some clean clothes, head over to the library and read and laugh and smile and it will be a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.


For those of you (read:none) who wonder what I am listening to at the moment, the answer is : Metals by Feist. It’s her new album and it’s BEYOND. I just can’t handle how great it is. Do yourself a favor and get the album. And my book. And maybe drink a glass of water, too. I am all about keeping hydrated. Everyone should drink more water.


So to sum up:





























1,033 Reasons To Smile


























xo and xo to all