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Giving thanks

I love Thanksgiving. Not because of the food (although turkey sandwiches are pretty much aces in my book), but because it’s just all about getting together with family (immediate, extended, or self-created) and enjoying each other’s company and being thankful for everything we have. I love any moment of gratitude, especially one that focuses on items often overlooked. It’s easy to say you are grateful for your health or a roof over your head, but it’s pretty powerful to focus in on the specifics of these things — to give thanks for waking up this morning, for taking a breath, for walking or carrying things, for having a place to call home and rest your head at night.

The non-awesome half of my awesome/non-awesome lists aren’t complaints, really. Rather they are just things that aren’t as awesome as others. And I am even thankful for these non-awesome items because without them, it would be harder to recognize the truly wonderful things we encounter in this life. We need the dark to appreciate and understand the light.

So in the sprit of my love of lists, here are the things I am currently, in this moment (because let’s not forget that this moment right now is all we really have), deeply thankful for:

-beautiful words (the ones that float in your head and that you want to roll around on your tongue)
-chairs, especially comfortable ones
-reading glasses, so that I may read without headaches
-bright colors
-people who pass their happiness on to others
-people who let me into their lives and encourage me to let others into mine
-people who are patient with me and my weirdness and anxiety and looniness and eccentricities
-people who are difficult or cruel, because it’s a reminder to always be compassionate and forgiving
-people who like adventures
-adventures, especially unexpected ones or those that come disguised as a problem
-pets and their unconditional love
-music that means something to me
-people who make me laugh
-my family my family my family — I love them more than they’ll ever know
-my friends my friend my friends — they are my family, too, and I adore them because they are all gorgeous geniuses
-computers and technology
-games and puzzles
-the US Postal Service
-people who agree with me and people who disagree with me
-fresh fruits and vegetables
-creative people who don’t care what anyone thinks about the way they live their lives
-my students, especially when they test my patience (because I need to remember to be patient)
-works of art, in all iterations (even the ones that don’t immediately strike my fancy)
-my health and the meds that keep me truckin’
-spell check
-just to be right here

I hope you all have a really joyous and meaningful Thanksgiving, both on Thursday and every day.


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