Totally unrelated to the image:

I was driving home the other night and saw something move up ahead of me and off to my left. I soon realized it was a deer. They run across the roads a lot here, trying to make their way from one safe wooded spot to another. They cause a lot of accidents along the way and the drive to and from work almost always includes passing a dead deer on the side of the road. So I guess I was already sort of on alert for one. I was driving and it was dark and I saw something moving up ahead, crossing the highway. The deer slipped in and out of the darkness as it ran, making it seem like a sort of apparition. Just brown/gray streaks of movement and then there is was — about a car length ahead of me on the pavement, running as fast as it could to make it to the woods on my right. I hit the brakes and it was already across the road. Less like a near miss and more like a dream, some sort of vision. Lucky night for us both.

And on another totally unrelated note, I will announce to you the things I think are awesome and the things that are non-awesome right about now.


detective novels
iPod on shuffle playing CSN followed by Murder City Devils and it totally worked
rad new friends
my trusty Levi’s denim jacket
my brother (he is permanently on this list)


student essay about a horse getting hit by a car
when I can’t fix or help the people I wish I could fix or help
chapped lips
my laziness