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This is the perfect holiday/birthday/wedding/anniversary/get-well/condolences/bar or bat mitzvah/house-warming/congratulations/graduation/confirmation/hibernation/United Nations/just because/Oprah wants you to celebrate and honor your spirit/so glad the rash cleared up/Valentine’s/Occupy/apology gift EVER on the face of the Earth. Seriously: it’s inexpensive, it’s upbeat, it’s guaranteed to make the recipient smile, it’s cute, it’s totally indie (that means independent publisher and perhaps also a little evocative of Indiana Jones), it’s light reading, and it benefits the mentally ill (me). So buy one and tell a friend. Tweet your twit brigade. Let’s see some hustle out there, guys!

*smacks your rear in a very non-Sandusky-ish way*


You can buy it:




Thank you! I love you!