My poem, t.e.n., didn’t win or place in the Fish Publishing 2012 Poetry Prize, but it did get short listed, which is quite an honor. More than 1,500 poems were submitted (only one of which was from me). The judges called my poem “profound and very beautifully expressed” and said “the image of the walker with the birch scroll, the lilting cadences, the lyricism of the final stanza, all contribute to an almost myth-like description of the struggle for sanity that results in a most moving poem.” They also said it was a bit obscure and could use some explication, which I understand. I kind of like reading things that make me do a little research, but I am weird that way.

No matter how you slice it, though, the whole thing is pretty swell.

This summer will be packed with writing — completing the first draft of novel #2, an experiment with totally revising novel #1, and working on a collection of poems about journeys and movement and the power of place. I am thrilled to soon be fully immersed in words (that are my own).