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Elizabeth Dutton


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weird is rad


cleanin’ up real good like

adventures and opportunities

brown rice and quinoa


memory foam pillows


savoring words


mosquito bites

missing the ocean

the lonely life

2 comments on “weird is rad

  1. Natasha Ejaz says:

    My good friend bought me your book for my birthday this year. I carry it along with me most places I go lest my mood sways, and be asured that my mood does sway a great deal. Today, at this very moment, I am waiting to board a flight back to Pakistan (my home country). I have yur book open in my lap and while I was reading the bit about Keith Richards at a parent-teachers conference, a group of excited chinese poeple sang out happy birthday to a friend travelling with them. That too made me smile. Just thought I would share :). I would love to write a song to one of your poems some day.


    1. Thank you a million times over for the sweet comment! I am so glad you enjoy the book and am honored to have given you some smiles, particularly on those days when you are “in a mood” (as my grandma used to say when I got gloomy).

      Have a safe and happy trip home!


      exclamation point!


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