I’ve started teaching full time at the local community college, which is complete bliss. Everything about it is wonderful — something I feel I should write down somewhere as a reminder for those days that are more trying than others. It is a sometimes overwhelming honor to be a part of someone’s education. I feel lucky.  I am also teaching a modern poetry class later this fall at Coker College, a gig that feels nothing at all like work. In addition to all that, I am still working on the novel-to-screenplay conversion and the second novel. And the biggest bonus? I come home each day to a very loyal and loving blond bear of a dog.

Writing + teaching + dogs = complete happiness.

I suppose it’s the doom and gloom Irish Catholic upbringing in me that half-expects this elation to end rather brutally, rather quickly. This sustained happiness…can it last? Do I deserve it? Let us all please hope so.

And during those moments each day when I count these blessings, when I think of how pleasing things are and can be, I hope that every other person feels this way, too.