springtime beckons


Things are pretty blasted wonderful right now. Today, despite run-ins with what could have become stressful or bad moments, I was repeatedly overcome with the brilliance of humanity, the loveliness of the natural world around us, and the inherent goodness, kindness, and joy inside every person.

Each moment today was a gift (and that included fighting a cold, going home sick, uncooperative windshield wipers, and erroneous tax liens in the mail). I realized today how far I’ve come and the factors that have contributed to this.

Many people and things have saved me (often literally) over the past few difficult years. Now’s as good a time as any to acknowledge them. Here’s a partial list in no particular order. If you are having a tough go of it, it can’t hurt to try one or some or all of these (where applicable).

modern and contemporary poetry
mom, brother, uncle
Jennifer McCartney at Skyhorse Publishing
train travel
Laura Villaseñor
Led Zeppelin, Elliott Smith, The Kinks, Feist, The Grateful Dead, Arcade Fire, Alexander Ebert/Edward Sharpe, Spinnerette, The Smiths, Puccini, Audra Mae, Band of Horses, Elvis Costello, Jane’s Addiction, Neutral Milk Hotel, Okkervil River, Neko Case, Goldfrapp, + countless others
trivia night
my dogs
Bruce Bowman
changing seasons
Arnold Palmers made with unsweetened tea
my garden
being generous
being open
letting go (that means not listing the people or things that made things so shitty for a while there)
an honest understanding of loving kindness to myself and others
and more medicine

thank you to all

Author: elizabeth dutton

i traffic in words

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