Things about me (as of today at 11:54 p.m. EDT):

I love sleep.

I am attracted to and mystified by creativity, intelligence, kindness.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the ideas I have competing for space in my head.

My novel, DRIFTWOOD, comes out in September 2014 and this makes me ecstatic…and a little scared.

I just want a fella to call me by a charming term of endearment and mean it.

I wish total extinction on all the world’s mosquitoes.

I love moths and butterflies, but especially moths.

I feel like I want to live in Europe again.

Or at least visit for a longer period of time.

With few exceptions, I am totally uninterested in looking at pictures of people’s kids.

I would be a very stylish skinny person.

I am not a good citizen of the world, as I have been avoiding much international (and national) news of late because it is too distressing.

I often feel like a fraud.

I wish I employed a hair and makeup team every day to get me decent.

I am surprisingly (physically) strong.

While I am still pretty messed up, I have come a long way in the past couple of years in terms of getting my shit together.

I don’t get as upset seeing my reflection in a mirror or passing window as I used to.

I have terrifyingly accurate intuition.

I own too many notebooks.

I really love good Mexican food.

Convention and pretension disgust me.

I want everyone, every single person, to get what they long for. Even the shitheads of the world. It would do them some good.

It’s a shame we can’t rewind and do-over in life.

I wish I didn’t care about grammar and syntax.

Waiting for Guffman is still the best film ever.