Owah Tagu Siam




My understanding of self changes like the weather. Is that normal? I’ve come back to peace after a spell of vigorous self-loathing. The stinging sleet has passed and now I am a cozy, foggy island once more.

At times when the world seems too much, I tend to heap that disappointment on myself. But then I remember there is too much good and beauty in the world for all the bullshit.

How about this deal? Let’s all let go of time frames and notions of what should be. I find those to be destructive and illusory. Instead, we’ll hold fast to those transcendent or commonplace pieces of true beauty around us and in us. Let’s remind each other to keep this up. We can do it, dudes.

Oh, and LET’S GO OAKLAND…CelebrateGoodTimesComeOn.


Author: elizabeth dutton

i traffic in words

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