I love mysteries. In fact, I am somewhat (fully) addicted to good mystery/detective novels. I appreciate a well-driven plot, but I also require well-developed characters and artful writing. When I find that perfect combination, I am a dedicated fan and eagerly await each new novel in the series. I mean, Ian Rankin? I worship at his altar. I regularly stopped in at the Oxford in Edinburgh when I was in town in hopes of seeing him. I never did, but my liver and I spent quality time at the celebrated author’s favorite haunt.

You know what else I love? Baseball. Especially my Oakland A’s. But baseball in general. I love the patience, the statistics, the skill. And no sport celebrates and elevates the underdog like baseball.

Mystery novel + baseball. This is about to get real. I am about the get you in on the ground floor of a REALLY good series. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Max Everhart’s debut novel, Go Go Gato. Bottom line: when it comes out next year, you must read it.

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