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Elizabeth Dutton


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fresh starts


I love clean slates, fresh starts. I do not care for New Year’s Resolutions (or the manufactured opulence/romance/celebration/nostalgia of New Year’s Eve), as I feel if one wants to accomplish or change something the time is always NOW (not January 1, although that is technically “now”). To hell with calendars, basically.

I feel more in tune with winter solstice being a time for revision and change. Not in some witchy woman, crushed velvet, fairies spelled faeries way. More in a Yeats-esque flipping of the gyre as days go from shortening to lengthening (or the converse of nights expanding and then shrinking). It’s a natural construct. I like that sort if thing.

Ever since December 21, I’ve been thinking about the evolution and momentum and change I want around me as we go forward, as we play out our strange, tiny plot while spinning and whirling through the cosmos.

So here’s the thing: I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, but HOT DAMN do I love lists. That said, here are my lists as the year begins.

Here’s what I am working on:

• creating and expressing without hesitation
• acting with compassion
• telling people how much I love/value them
• relaxing my damned shoulders
• getting better at falling asleep
• letting the past recede (Frusciante shout out is a bonus here)

Here are some things I enjoyed doing today:

• watching giant vultures gather in the bare trees in my meadow
• brushing my dogs
• seeing pictures of my uncle, aunt, and cousins (whom I adore) cuddled together as they watched the NYE festivities on television
• reading

Here are some things I learned recently:

• Jason Bateman is married to Paul Anka’s daughter
• my great grandparents (maternal grandpa’s folks) did not speak the same language
• some people still don’t believe in evolution (this makes me sad)

Here are some lovely things:

• sitting outside
• plumbing and electricity and dishwashers and washing machines and showers and commodes and heat
• sign language
• caller ID
• the music of Blondie
• knowing how little we know
• sincerity
• wool
• Arcade Fire albums
• people’s signatures
• good cheeses
Higglety Pigglety Pop

Here are some words for you:


I love you all. I hope your present moment is full.


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