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Elizabeth Dutton


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Rejoice! Library Journal has given Driftwood a STARRED review! And boy, is it ever a good one! Check it:


*Dutton, Elizabeth. Driftwood: A California Road Trip Novel.

Skyhorse. Nov. 2014.
256p. ISBN 9781629144993. $24.95. 

Clem (Clementine) Jasper is a 27-year-old trust fund kid whose father is rock music royalty. A middle child, Clem drifts aimlessly through her days. When her dad dies at 58 of complications from a heart attack, her life takes an unexpected turn. Little sister, Dena, gets the Matisse, big brother, Simon, gets the guitars, and Clem gets…a stack of sealed letters that will take her on a road trip through California, visiting places her father wants her to see. He reveals his reasons for each destination in the missives, instructing Clem to open them on a specific schedule. Against her mother’s wishes, Clem embarks on the life-changing journey and learns more about her father than she ever knew—or ever wanted to know. VERDICT Dutton’s fiction debut is a stellar, thought-provoking novel about life, death, California, music, and more. Clem is a wry narrator, and the dialog is sharp and refreshingly realistic (F-bombs!). Born and raised in California, Dutton is well qualified to describe the various locales, and her renderings are poetically descriptive without being overdone or cloying. If you’ve never been to California, you might feel like you have visited after reading this creative and unforgettable story. For connoisseurs of singular fiction.—Samantha Gust, Niagara Univ. Lib., NY


Nice, huh? NOW will you buy it and read it when it comes out?!?



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