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Elizabeth Dutton


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new knew gnu


High and low walk in tandem for me, holding hands as they waltz into my life.

The low? My father, already in poor health, had a stroke 2 weeks ago and I flew right out to help my brother get him settled into a skilled nursing facility. With that accomplished, I thought calm would descend and my brief time between teaching semesters would be restful. The problem is that my dad doesn’t deal well with authority. He is pissed that he isn’t allowed to drink or smoke at the rest home. He also doesn’t understand that he can’t walk. Which leads us to this evening’s episode where he tried to get up out of his wheelchair and walk out but instead fell to the floor. Apparently nothing is broken, but he’s under observation. I, being a useless and delicate flower, don’t deal well with stress, so this is taking a toll on me. But it’s not about me. Tell that to my daily migraines.

The high? We spent the day out at the Half Moon Bay Moss Beach tide pools, spying on anemones up close and watching seals warm their glorious bellies from afar. I desperately wanted to go lie next to the seals on their rocks. I would have fit right in and we’d have gotten along beautifully, alas government regulations prohibit such things. It was a truly stunning day and exactly the break I needed. I haven’t really had a moment to myself since I got the call about my dad (or rather since I had to make the call across country for the sheriff and medics to go check on him).

Another high? A very charming and talented actress (Emma Roberts) somehow got a copy of my book and seems to be enjoying it. So much so that she shared this information with her (millions of) fans. My Twitter notifications are going bonkers. Ms. Roberts seems to be a really lovely person, and I am not just saying that because she digs my book. She is very sweet, very smart, and very kind. I don’t think she knows what her couple of mentions have meant for my little indie title that could. I can’t thank her enough and I want to welcome anyone who found his or her way here to this site thanks to her. It is a joy to have you here.

And now for lists:


•tide pools
•the smell of bay trees
•good parking karma
•nurses, therapists, and all others who work with those who test the boundaries of patience
•fascinating and random conversations about the majesty and beauty of Chinese kingfisher feather jewelry
•surprising people with a very sincere thank you


•not being able to fix everything and everyone
•missing my dogs to the point that it hurts
•going from being his best friend to a good friend
•lack of opiates for previously mentioned migraines
•ohmyjah I forgot how bad traffic is out here in the Bay Area


stay strong

2 comments on “new knew gnu

  1. Diane Knapp says:

    When I come across a saved and cherished birthday card from my departed parents, or a recipe card in my mother’s handwriting, I connect to them in a way that you captured between Clem and her father in “Driftwood.” You were spot on! I enjoyed the ride with Clem-it was “pretty damned good.”


    1. Thank you so much! I love that I was able to create something that connects with you and that brings back memories of the ones you love. xo


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