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Elizabeth Dutton


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I’m the biggest invisible girl in the world 


I am working on adapting Driftwood into a screenplay. It’s slow going because I have a shit ton of essays to grade and I also have to re-learn screenplay format. Excuses. 

I am still tumbling the next book around in my head and on note cards and in journals. It is getting sleeker and more scenes are emerging. I have this cool friend who is a retired cop with a kickass collection of classic Fords. I need to talk to him about weird cases and Southern justice. 

 Right now I feel invisible. I am very much not. I am too present In this world. I take up too much space. But my students don’t seem to hear a word I say. I pass through days and public space unnoticed. I felt this way while living in Scotland. Odd. My calls and texts go unanswered. My emails and words unread. Am I here? I suppose. 

I am here and exhausted. 

I still love you all, of course. And I hope from my core that you are fulfilled and peaceful. 


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