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Driftwood is available as a THE Kindle Daily Deal at Amazon today and today only! Act now!

Click → HERE ← to get your paws on the digital version for a song (I guess songs are $1.99). For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can help support this struggling author.

If you already own the hard copy, get yourself a digital backup. If you have been waiting for the price to come down, today is your day. Tell a friend. Pass this on. Call your local radio stations (sample script: “Hey! First time caller, long time listener here. I just had to tell the morning zoo crew that today’s Kindle Daily Deal is Driftwood, a really great novel that I heard Kanye West has been saying he wish he had written because it is so amazing. Just thought I’d let everyone know what all the cool kids are up to. Oh, and can I send a song request out to [insert friend’s name here]? Can you play some Chaka Kahn? Hello? You still there?)

Let’s do this people. Get that deal, son!