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Had a few poems published in Anti-Heroin Chic today ( Check them out. #poems #antiheroinchic new work #poem #phrases #songbird #precise #happiness #wordstagram #eyeinjurypreventionmonth #writingwithoneeye #itisfreezingoutside Hell yes, girl. #Repost @naominollet
#driftwood #elizabethdutton 🌿 Thank you to all who attended the Morton Marcus Poetry event in Santa Cruz. It was beyond lovely. The truth hurts. #true #truestory #bruh #ego #writing #failure #talent #notalent #genius #dumbass #bonsoir


Elizabeth Dutton


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put a little blue bird on it


I am back on Twitter, my loves. It’s a long story why I ditched it originally, but I have returned to that odd playground of updates and promos.

You can find me here:


With a new account comes a new format. My main influence in writing (and in life) is music. It keeps me alive and cooks my ideas. That said, I am going to try to post my “Song of the Day” on Twitter — the song that is ruling a particular day for me and providing that blessèd inspiration or relief. This, I know, will most likely only be interesting to me, but sod it. I do what I want!

It is sunny and crisp where I am today — a lovely day to be sure. I hope you are having an equally brilliant day and wish you lots and lots of love (I know you don’t think I mean that, but I most certainly do).


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One comment on “put a little blue bird on it

  1. Ellen Berman says:

    Just be you. Your presence alone helps others.


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