It’s time again for awesome/non-awesome, a couple of people’s favorite list show.


  • Teaching Creative Writing class is always the highlight of my week (2x!)
  • I will see my brother in less than a week and I am simply over the moon about it.
  • I was reminded recently that I used to press flowers all the time. I miss that and intend to get back at it.
  • I am also getting ready to plant some succulents and get back to the gaaaaardennnn.
  • Michael Pollan’s Cooked on Netflix is really wonderful and everyone should watch it.
  • I am still in love with my novel-in-progress.
  • I spent the weekend doing heavy duty yard work all by myself and I am proud of how freakishly strong I am.
  • I wake up before my alarm goes off in the morning because of the song birds singing away outside my bedroom window, like I am Cinderella or some shit.



  • There’s a strange little dog (with a large electric fence shock collar thing on — spoiler alert: the electric fence doesn’t work) who somehow sneaks onto my property every night. He power walks around the outside of the house, and this drives my dogs insane. I can’t seem to catch him; either my dogs are already out and are busy trying to escort him out with no luck, or the dogs are in and the interloper ignores me and keeps walking with the purpose of an enthusiastic mall walker. Last night, he pranced back and forth across the back lawn and my dogs had total freak outs at 1:45 am, 3:15 am, and 5:30 am. I am exhausted.
  • I don’t keep well without adequate sleep.
  • I am inundates with and have zero tolerance for political advertising or rants.
  • I am already trying to formulate agent query letters.