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I know I have been going at this hard, so please forgive me:

My novel, Driftwood, is out now in paperback. I’ve learned that in order to rise to the ranks of recognizable on Amazon, one must have a minimum of 50 reviews. I am 15 shy of that right now. I know I’ve sold more than 50 copies, so I ask of you dear readers to please head over to Amazon and review Driftwood. I don’t care what rating you give it, just be honest. It would be immensely helpful to have more reviews on the site and I will, in some way, make it up to you one day.


Here is the link to the Amazon page for the book:




Again, I know this may be Driftwood overload right now, but a gal’s gotta hustle.

Please do me a solid and leave a review. Yes, I am begging you.

In other news, the new novel is coming along swimmingly. I am clocking a couple thousand words a day and having a blast researching character details (I know a lot about West Oakland lofts and where the few remaining TGI Friday’s are in California…). Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that I can get a draft done by the end of summer.

Love you, mean it.