• The new novel is coming along nicely and undergoing progressive shifts and evolutions. I am pleased. I am doing more percolating than actual writing this last week or so, but that’s how I always work. 
  • I hate VW buses. I have my reasons. 
  • I picked 4.5 pounds of blueberries today while my dogs ate a fair amount off the low branches of the bushes. We barely made a dent in this year’s crop. 
  • East coast thunderstorms are no joke. 


  • Korean dumplings
  • really good reading glasses
  • memories attached to pleasant scents
  • songbirds 
  • the paper edition of the New York Times
  • fake names
  • fresh, blank notebooks
  • Joe Biden
  • fireworks fireworks fireworks


  • shitty reading glasses
  • global tragedy fatigue 
  • chronic fabulists 
  • bands who talk too much between songs when playing live
  • unsettling dreams that haunt the next day